The actress has arrived in Genoa City.
Genie Francis Episode 9660
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Not all of the news coming out of the soap world these days is depressing. To wit: Genie Francis is finally on the set of The Young and the Restless!

EW obtained this exclusive first look of Francis, now playing Genevieve Atkinson—the mother of Ethan Cane Ashby—on the CBS sudser. For the uninitiated, that's the yummy Daniel Goddard in the photo, who used to play Cane until he was shot dead outside of his dad's wedding to Jill. Lately, he's been levitating in and out of Genoa City as a freaking ghost, seen only by his widow Lily. Is his mother Genevieve now seeing ghosts, too? Or is that even "Cane" in the photo?

With any luck, we'll get some answers May 27 — the date of Laura Spencer's Francis' debut.

I hope Sharon stays lost.

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