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If you’ve noticed a bunch of little Aidens (or Aidans…or Aydans…or Aadens) cropping up out there, it’s no fluke. In fact, it’s thanks largely in part to John Corbett and his turn as the too-good-to-be-true Aidan Shaw on Sex and the City.

In a report released by The Today Show, Aiden currently ranks as the ninth most popular male baby name in the United States. The name, and its wide range of spellings, have only continued to grow over the past few years with SATC‘s Aidan winning moms-to-be over in syndication and in his appearance in last summer’s Sex and the City 2. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want a boy as sweet as Aidan?

It also likely got an added little boost thanks the adorable, spectacled Gosselin sextuplet of Kate Plus 8, who goes by the name, too (though, he’s of the Aaden variety.)

And while they’re no match for Twilight-centric baby naming (Jacob and Isabella sit in the top spots), TV-inspired names continue to be on the rise. MTV’s Teen Mom may help prevent teen pregnancies, but it hasn’t stopped moms of any age from getting baby name ideas from them. On the list of top trendy names, Maci ranks highest for girls, while Bentley reigns supreme for boys, stemming from popular Teen Mom star Maci Bookout and her young son.

The name Quinn also found itself on the list, coming in at No. 4 for trendy girls names, which very well could have been because of Dianna Agron’s character on Glee.

Still, pop culture baby-naming, particularly from television, is not exactly new. Last year there was a report that also noticed a spike in Sookies (True Blood) and Castiels (Supernatural). Let’s just be thankful Gen Y parents didn’t get too attached to certain television characters. After all, you don’t see too many Sixes or Topangas or Donkeylips running around out there.

Do you know any kids named after television characters, PopWatchers? Better yet, did you name your child after one?

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