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Uh, oh. Is time up for poor Alex on Nikita?


Considering how we left her at the end of last week’s episode, that’s definitely the first thing that came to my mind when my chat with one of the baddest girls on Nikita block, Melinda Clarke (pictured) turned spoilerific. “One of our series regulars dies…and it’s because of Amanda,” she says.

Naturally, Alex would be the obvious choice, but, Clarke says no one should make assumptions. “Alex could have been cancelled a long time ago, but I think Amanda, without the audience knowing it, has had her own agenda from the beginning. She sees incredible talent in this young woman, and we’re creating this lethal human weapon.” But that doesn’t mean Amanda’s going to go easy on Alex, as we’ll see in tonight’s episode (airing 9 p.m. ET).

“Alex is in trouble — big trouble. She’s going to be fighting for her life. Who knows, maybe Amanda will decide she needs to be cancelled. You’ll never, ever, ever predict what’s going on with Amanda.”

Also unpredictable? Nikita‘s renewal chances after it was not among the shows that received early pick-ups from the CW last week. Clarke hadn’t heard the news yet. “They did?!” she said when read the list of pick-ups. “Ugh. Whatever. [Laughs] That was my Orange County girl coming out.”

“It would be a shame if we couldn’t go back. I have not heard anything in the negative,” she says. “Some shows have their freshman year and it’s the best season ever. Some people say the first season of OC was the best season ever. Other shows have the potential to get better and better every season. This show can do that. The best is yet to come.”

Who do you think is getting cancelled in the finale, readers?

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