Each week, Survivor host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Redemption Island.

So after winning the Redemption Island duel, Mike had a choice to spend time with his mom, let his two Redemption Island buddies hang with their loved ones, or let the six people who voted him out be reunited with their family members. Do you believe him when he says that he chose the Ometepe six strictly as a gesture of Christian kindness so that the most people could have that treat, or was there more strategy involved than Mike is letting on? What’s your take?

So hard to be inside someone’s mind but if I had to guess I’d say it was a bit of both. I believe Mike is a good person with a strong faith. He quoted the bible without hesitation. But I also believe he wants to win the money. He made a great move by choosing the Ometepe six because if he gets to the end he has a lot of good will coming back his way and to give any help to his two competitors on RI would be silly as it might lift them up.

The end of the immunity challenge featured a scary scene with Rob collapsing in exhaustion, making this the second straight season he has collapsed. How did this scene compare to the one in Heroes vs Villains in terms of how serious it was and how worried you were about him? And just how long did it take him to get down that staircase from Hell after recovering?

They were two very different scenarios. In H v V, Rob had “island flu” which was an ass kicker for a couple of days. Some of our crew got it as well and it was the real deal. Last night’s challenge was more just fatigue. The challenge was very difficult. Even in testing it, our dream team was exhausted by the end. It was also very hot that day, probably 110 or so, and they’re going on a month living simply on rice and water. They’re all absolutely spent. He recovered very quickly.

Phillip implied that all of his crazy antics have been merely for show and strategy, and that he is actually quite normal. How much do you buy that his abrasive personality has just been an act? That’s a tough call. I think there is some method to his madness but exactly how much is hard to say. You can count on this though… I will ask him that exact question at the live show in NY on May 15th!

Only two episodes left! Tease us up for next week, Jeffrey!

Oh baby, the blindsides… the blindsides… it’s going to get ugly.

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