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If you’ve seen Fast Five and stayed for the final credits, you know there’s a surprise Easter egg bonus scene that gives a sense of where the sixth movie in the street-racing action franchise might go. If not, well, READ AHEAD AT YOUR SPOILER-BLOWING PERIL. SERIOUSLY. The brief final scene shows Eva Mendes’ Agent Fuentes conferring with Dwayne Johnson’s Agent Hobbs about a robbery case involving Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty. Of course, fans of the franchise know that Letty, the girlfriend of Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto, was supposedly murdered by Fenix Rise (Laz Alonso) in the last installment, 2009’s Fast and Furious. So what gives? Diesel tells EW that if you watch the last movie carefully, you’ll see that it’s never actually confirmed that Letty is dead. “It was very deliberate, the way the Letty character was handled in Fast 4,” Diesel says. “It was very deliberate that you never saw the body. When Dom confronts Fenix, he says, ‘I don’t remember her face because the last time I saw her she was burning’ — not, ‘I shot her in the f—ing head.’ You’re going to learn more in the next one.”

As for that next movie, Diesel sees it as the conclusion of a trilogy that began with the fourth film, and fans now fully expect it to include a reunion of Dom and Letty. “In Europe they’re already calling six Sexy 6,” says Diesel. “They’re saying if Fast Five has the best fight scene, they expect the best sex scene to be in the sixth one. But that’s Europe. They’re romantics.” Diesel says he’s not sure at this point how much further the franchise will go beyond number 6: “If I were going to do it indefinitely, I’d have to do it in threes. So after the sixth, we’d have to map out the next three stories before I did the seventh. I’ll never do 7 without knowing what 7, 8, and 9 look like.” For now, he says, he’s just thrilled that the hit movie, with that surprise twist at the end, leaves Fast fans wanting more. “People are ready to buy The Fast and the Furious 6 tickets right when they leave the theater. That’s the accomplishment I’m most proud of.”

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