Diane Farr has a reputation for frank talk (Loveline, The Job, Rescue Me, Californication, AssCastles), and the follow-up to her first book Girl Code — the concept memoir Kissing Outside the Lines, which examines interracial relationships in America, including her own marriage — is no exception. Watch our exclusive first look at the trailer for the book, now on shelves, below. It does a good job of making you want to read it with clever displays of praise from the likes of Tim Robbins (“Smart, funny and insightful — Diane Farr has written a a great book on the challenges facing interracial couples in America”), Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen (“Farr has three kids and she still found time to write a pee-yourself funny examination of interracial love. I hate her”), and Lisa Ling, who also cameos (“As a journalist I found the reach of Diane’s book inspiring and important, but as a wife to someone of a different ethnic background — it was like therapy with laughter”). It also makes you want to see Farr film a documentary on the subject.