The consensus around PopWatch HQ is that Jacob Lusk’s wildly off-pitch, oddly hip-thrusting performance of the Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown duet “No Air” is easily the gospel diva’s worst ever on the show, and possibly one of the worst of the season period. Which is to say, if he doesn’t go home tonight, Lusk will rank alongside Nikki McKibbin and Jasmine Trias as one of the most tenacious how-has-this-person-stuck-around-this-long Idol contestants ever. (Those words are not easy for me to write, either — many of you will recall my defense of the Lusky Stank five weeks ago, back when his could-not-be-more-perfect performance of “You’re All I Need To Get By” was still ringing in my head. Sigh. Those were the days.)

Should Jacob pull off another narrow escape, who else is in the danger zone this week? Hopefully not Haley, whose “The House of the Rising Sun” was easily her best performance to date (and of the season period). Could Lauren (who was perfectly fine), James (who was emotionally raw and vocally shaky), and Scotty (who turned it up to 11 for his first song, and down to snoozeville for his second) finally find themselves officially sitting on a silver stool of doom?

Vote in the polls below on who you think will be in the bottom two this week, and who is going home, and then defend your choices in the comments!

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