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First, The CW announces an all-star version of America’s Next Top Model. And now, Lifetime tells us that we’ll see some of our favorite reality stars back on an all-star edition of Project Runway?! Is 2011 just a year-long Christmas?! Because this is quite a gift to us pop-culture junkies: In addition to a ninth season of the Emmy-nominated fashion competition, the network will air Project Runway All Stars, eight one-hour episodes featuring previous contestants. This makes it slightly different than the two-hour Project Runway: All-Stars Challenge, which saw the return of players Jeffrey Sebelia, Santino Rice, Daniel Vosovic, Uli Herzner, Mychael Knight, Chris March, Sweet P, and Korto Momolu. (Vosovic won that round.)

So now, the inevitable question is: Who should return? Excepting the contestants who already participated in All-Stars Challenge — and previous Project Runway winners (I like a fair fight) — here’s my wish list. Without further ado, I’ll carry on, Tim Gunn:

Austin Scarlett, Season 1: For that corn husk dress alone. Plus, who cares what Nancy O’Dell thought? This dude was season 1’s standout. Um, did we mention the corn husk dress?!

Wendy Pepper, Season 1: Because we need to witness the sweet victory of Austin outlasting this first-season villain.

Kara Saun, Season 1: As a designer for the likes of Vanessa Williams, Mary J. Blige, and Zoe Saldana, Saun doesn’t really need publicity. But we need to see her skills back on the small screen.

Daniel Franco, Season 1: He came back once before for season 2, so why not welcome him back again? Plus, we’re all curious: Daniel Franco, where did you go? (Besides to American Idol for an audition.)

Andre Gonzalo, Season 2: Where’s Andre? Well, the emotional lad should be back on our TVs. If only to compete in the hopefully inevitable Red Lobster challenge.

Nick Verreos, Season 2: Gifted, kind, and great when it comes to reaction shots.

Laura Bennett, Season 3: A sense of humor — and talent to boot. How else can you handle six children?

Kayne Gillaspie, Season 3: Every season of Project Runway — including an all-star edition — needs a pageant dress designer. And personality.

Alison Kelly, Season 3: Because she needs to be forgiven for the Minnie Mouse hair bow and given a second chance. Exactly how did Vincent outlast this young talent?

Vincent Libretti, Season 3: Speaking of which… oh, come on people, just go with me here. Good TV!

Rami Kashou, Season 4: Because if we can’t have Chris March and Christian Siriano, we’ll go with the man with the third-most dramatic fashion sense.

Stella Zotis, Season 5: Say it with me: Leatha.

Kenley Collins, Season 5: She talked back to Heidi and Tim. She almost won. She threw a cat at her ex-boyfriend. Do you need more?

Carol Hannah Whitfield, Season 6: Carol Hannah was Season 6’s most likeable contestant. While that’s not saying much, she certainly deserves a second chance after losing to — sigh — Irina.

Christopher Straub, Season 6: Someone needs to cry alongside Andre.

Gordana Gehlhausen, Season 6: Just as every Project Runway needs its pageant designers, every season also needs its fun-loving mature contestant. Gordana is the one.

Emilio Sosa, Season 7: Because a new judge needs to tell him that his ES<3SA pattern really just looked like SAES.

Jay Nicolas Sario, Season 7: Sario represented quiet talent on Project Runway

Anthony Williams, Season 7: …while Williams represented loud talent. Read this interview and try to convince me he doesn’t belong on reality TV.

Casanova, Season 8: Big personality, little talent. The perfect reality star.

Mondo Guerra, Season 8: Because there would pretty much be a revolt if he wasn’t invited back to claim his rightful title, right?

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