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Updated May 04, 2011 at 06:06 AM EDT

What’s with all of Len Goodman’s boob comments? Whose idea was it to book Pia Toscano? And is Kirstie Alley cursed or something? EW posed these very important questions to Dancing with the Stars Executive Producer Conrad Green after Tuesday’s show and here’s what he said:

How are you feeling about the season so far?

Conrad Green It’s been an amazing season. It’s our second most-watched ever. To go beyond 220 episodes and get those numbers, that’s pretty amazing. I think the cast is all positive, all likable. They have roughly the same standards. It’s incredibly competitive but at the same time it’s feel good, which is what our show is about.

Let’s talk about Kirstie Alley’s mishaps.

I don’t think anyone has had lightning strike that many times on live TV. I think we’ve had people who’ve had falls before, who have forgotten a few steps here and there, but I don’t think we’ve ever had someone have a shoe come off in a competitive dance. To have three things happen, and there has only been seven dances, that’s difficult. What’s been remarkable is how she has overcome them. Overcoming adversity is more appealing than not having adversity in the first place. It has made her a crowd favorite.

Talk about booking Pia Toscano to sing on a performance night.

When she started dating Mark Ballas, we suddenly thought, `well that’s a good idea isn’t it?’ So I spoke to the people at Idol because I’ve known them for some time and said, would you mind if we booked Pia? And they said no. She’s here supporting Mark now. It’s good fun. To be honest, I don’t know much about their personal life but I’m assuming [they are dating].

What is happening with the judges this year? They seem particularly randy with all the boob comments.

I can’t speak for Len’s randyness. To be honest, you talk about what’s in front of you and sometimes, quite a lot is in front of you. I don’t think there have been any more comments than usual. There is always a little bit of humor on this show. Maybe it’s a British thing, but I don’t think there is any offense taken on the whole.

Do you ever wonder that maybe this really shouldn’t be considered a family show?

It’s very fun stuff. The tone isn’t particularly adult. Those kind of comments are meant in jest, and to be honest, most kids don’t even know what you’re talking about. It’s always a double entendre rather than some kind of direct, lewd comment. My 7-year-old daughter was here was here last night and those comments go completely over her head. There’s nothing on the show that I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable having my daughter watch.

Why do you think Kendra Wilkinson was sent home?

Everyone reaches their point in the show. Some have been more consistent than Kendra. Kendra had a really good late surge, but other people have cemented themselves more firmly in the public’s mind. To get to week 7 isn’t a bad result.

In Kendra’s video package from Monday, she was heard farting during rehearsals. Did you give her a heads up that it was coming?

We don’t tell people what’s in the packages because they’d be saying, oh I don’t want that in! They’ll want to change things and it’s our show to make. We only show things that really happen. Those packages are there to show what happens behinds of scenes. So although admittedly it’s a lowbrow form of humor, Kendra had fun with it. She laughed.

But do you think those packages influence viewer votes?

I think it’s highly unlikely. When we look at the minute-by-minute analysis, far and away the most watched part is the dance itself. Viewers really focus on that. Plus, we showed Hines Ward farting two weeks ago and that hasn’t affected his chances on the show!

Can you talk about what you think will happen in the final weeks?

Normally I have a sense of where the competition is going, but this time I find it really difficult. There are a lot of unpredictable things, like Ralph and Karina falling over, Kirstie falling over. I’m getting a feeling that it’s one of those seasons where there’s a lot of unexpected stuff yet to happen. I also think the game will change quite significantly next week when we’ve got two dances. It’s also when the pressure starts to show. What’s great is that they are really committed, this group. So I think whatever happens, they will be forcing their way through.

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