By Kyle Anderson
Updated May 02, 2011 at 03:44 PM EDT
Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is no stranger to having things thrown at him on stage (remember the infamous water bottle that wasn’t really a water bottle?), but some attendees at a Bieber show in Australia took the projectiles to new levels over the weekend.

While performing Friday night in Sydney, no less than half a dozen eggs flew towards the teen singing sensation. None of the Easter leftovers made contact with him, and he soldiered on with the show like a professional. Check out the video below.

Here’s the thing: That video proves that there are some people in the Sydney area who bought tickets to see Justin Bieber (and paid enough to sit in seats within striking distance of the stage), then smuggled in a package of eggs for the purpose of trying to nail a Canadian kid with a little yolk. Look, we know the current Australian Football League season isn’t all that exciting, but isn’t there something else you can do to fill your time, Australia?

As for Bieber, he was also declared a security risk during a hop from Sydney to Melbourne. Perhaps he should invest in some holograms.

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