Credit: Peter Kramer/NBC

Jennifer Lopez‘s latest album, Love?, will land on store shelves tomorrow, and this morning she threw down the new video for the record’s second single “I’m Into You.”

Despite all the other news happening, NBC’s Today found time to premiere the clip, which you can see (complete with intros by Kathie Lee and Hoda) after the jump.

The island locale is beautiful and all of the people involved look great. Lopez herself looks especially stunning, and that time-out at the three-quarters mark is as sharp as any diva dance break you’ll see this season (your move, Beyoncé).

But the video for “I’m Into You” is most notable for the person who doesn’t show up: track collaborator Lil Wayne. It makes the beginning a little awkward—it sort of looks like Lopez is dancing in another video entirely before her vocal line kicks in—though it’s fair to say that Weezy might have looked a little out of place hanging out next to that big stone temple.

What do you think, dear readers? Are you in love(?) with J.Lo’s new video? Let us know in the comments!

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