Donald Trump was the target of several jokes at this weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The tycoon has a sense of humor, of course, but when he called in to Fox News yesterday morning, he admitted that he felt like President Obama’s jabs — which compared Birther movementarians to moon landing skeptics and portrayed the Trump White House as a neon-lit pool party — might have been overkill. “I understood what I was getting into,” said the rumored candidate for president, but he noted that he “didn’t realize I would be the sole focus.” It’s important that you realize, though, that Trump wasn’t feeling bad for himself while the audience cackled at him. He was feeling bad for You. “I was thinking to myself as they were doing this that the American people are really suffering, and we’re all having a good time. I think it’s inappropriate in certain respects,” said the host of The Celebrity Apprentice, a show about plastic surgery casualties and steroid memoirists learning how to sell lemonade.

Trump had nothing but passive-aggressively kind words for President Obama, but he didn’t think much of this year’s comedian-in-chief. “I thought Seth Meyers, frankly, his delivery was not good. He’s a stutterer, and he really was having a hard time.” In a press release from the Stuttering Foundation, foundation president Jane Fraser responded: “Shame on you, Mr. Trump! In light of The King’s Speech and the new awareness it has brought to stuttering, we had hoped that this kind of unfortunate comment was a thing of the past.” The press release goes on to note that Winston Churchill and James Earl Jones both struggled with stuttering. (As a childhood stutterer myself, I have a personal message for Mr. Trump: Dude, if you ca-ca-ca-ca-can’t take it, then don’t di-di-di-di-dish it out.)

In conclusion, Trump reminded viewers that the Correspondents’ Dinner was “a largely liberal room,” and refocused attention on his non-campaign campaign promises: “What I do best is the economy. I’ll get China to change its ways.” China could not be reached for comment.

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