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Not that we would ever doubt it, but Channing Tatum must have been one talented stripper back in the day. Not only will his bump-and-grind past get the movie treatment, but the project was so appealing, it propelled Steven Soderbergh out of an early retirement. As EW reported Friday, the director will helm the film, inspired by Tatum's past as a stripper. While moviegoers will still have to wait a while to watch the actor channel his humble G-string beginnings, it got me thinking about which other stars I'd love to see hop in the way back machine and revisit their earlier careers on screen. Here's a few ideas:

Jon Hamm: Before wowing television fans with his performance as Don Draper on Mad Men and becoming "America's  No. 1 Dreamboat" (title still pending), Hamm was a teacher. Better yet, he was a high school drama teacher who just so happened to have a future star in his classroom (Ellie Kemper from The Office!). Whether he would be playing a Bad Teacher-like educator (he's certainly capable of doing raunchy comedies — just see May 13's Bridesmaids) or an inspiring teacher à la Stand and Deliver (who could back talk to that face?), I'd be on board. If anybody could make learning fun–albeit distracting–again, it's Hammy

Tina Fey: Anyone who's read Fey's hilarious best-seller Bossypants knows that during her time in Chicago, the future Saturday Night Live star worked the front desk at what can only be described as a very bleak YMCA. While Fey's current on-screen gig is anything but dull (keeping tabs on Tracy Jordan is a full-time job in and of itself), watching her use her trademark humor as she finds her way through a miserable, dead-end gig would be worth spending part of your paycheck to see.

Brad Pitt: Before becoming one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Pitt was something of a Renaissance Man. In addition to various struggling actor stints, the actor paid his dues long before his Oscar nomination by dressing up like a giant chicken at the restaurant El Pollo Loco. Sure, it seems ridiculous to cover the face of one of the most beautiful men in the world with an outrageous costume, but a story of the person behind the waving taco would make for one hell of a character study.

Vin Diesel: No shocker here, but the action hero used to be a bouncer. (Talk about looking the part!) Since bouncers often don't get the spotlight in movies, Mr. Diesel could turn the tables — literally — and appear in a film about the life of a no-nonsense ID checker. Not only would he have it down pat (he was a bouncer for nearly a decade) but where there's a Vin Diesel movie, there's craaaa-zy plot points. (And cars. This movie needs some cars.) Sold!

Evangeline Lilly: The Lost beauty has not been shy about her feelings on once being a flight attendant. (Spoiler alert: She hated it.) But if movie makers could get her in the friendly skies again, perhaps we could finally get a better stewardess flick than View from the Top. Though we'd understand if you had some flying jitters. And c'mon, Evangeline, no way it's worse than those Livelinks commercials!

Tell me PopWatchers: Which stars would you like to see take on their past careers on the big screen?

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