Rock Vin Diesel
Credit: PR Photos; James Atoa/Everett Collection

Admit it: You’re not entirely sure which one starred in The Pacifier. But no shame! It’s easy to confuse Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson — both are beefy, in body and at the box office. Both have starred in action franchises and cuddly family flicks. And both are starring in this weekend’s Fast Five. But how can that happen?! I’m not completely convinced that they’re not the same person. Come on, have we ever seen them in the same room together? Oh wait, we have? Okay, so they might be two entirely different human beings, but if nothing else, Johnson’s sneaky facial hair just proves that he’s bizarro Vin. But let’s see if you can tell them apart based on their career choices. Without cheating, see if you could name which one of the two actors starred in the following movies (Beware: I’ll sic the Scorpion King on anyone tempted to head to IMDb right now… ):

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Answers: 1: Dwayne Johnson, 2: Dwayne Johnson, 3: Vin Diesel, 4: Vin Diesel, 5: Dwayne Johnson, 6: Vin Diesel, 7: Dwayne Johnson, 8: Dwayne Johnson