By Aly Semigran
Updated April 29, 2011 at 08:50 PM EDT

Like so many of you, I still have mixed feelings about Steve Carell’s last episode of The Office. While there were so many Michael Scott moments that were touching (his goodbyes with Jim and Erin, his letter of recommendation for Dwight) and funny (his worries that his improv credits wouldn’t transfer to Colorado) in last night’s episode, it still felt like there needed to be more. This is the end of an era, after all.

I will, however, give major kudos to those last few minutes with Michael. It was emotional without being sappy (thank goodness Pam got to see him off) and even gave a wonderful nod to the series as a whole when Michael asked the camera crew if they were ever going to air their footage. But, the best thing the Office writers could have possibly done was give Michael Scott a perfect parting line, which they did: the eternal “That’s what she said.” After taking his mic off for the last time (weep!) the future Mr. Holly Flax told the cameras, “This is gonna feel so good getting this off my chest” and followed it up with a perfect, “That’s what she said.”

As EW’s Ken Tucker pointed out, there have been a variety of words used to define Carell’s wonderfully layered character over the years (seriously, where’s that Emmy already?!), but it’s these other four little words seemed to encapsulate the world’s best boss to a T.

It seems the folks over at Funny Or Die also appreciated how much “TWSS” meant to Office fanatics and compiled every last one of them for a montage. Each one is a gem, but the best ones were always when Michael had to try to restrain himself from saying it (check out the moment at the 16-second mark in which Jim baits him with lead-ins like “You really think you can go all day long”), or when he’s upset that others — namely Dwight — have stolen the opportunity to say “That’s what she said” from him.

What’s your all-time favorite “That’s what she said” from Michael Scott, PopWatchers? And did you think the parting line was perfect too?

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