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EW has confirmed that Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, and (this one’s a surprise!) Lenny Kravitz are all contenders for some of the pivotal roles remaining to be cast in The Hunger Games. A source close to the movie tells EW that “all of these actors are possible, but some a lot more possible than others.” The scoop was first reported on Vulture, along with the claim that Harrelson was fielding an offer to play the role of Seneca Crane, Head Gamemaker of the 74th Hunger Games. (Though dare I ask, and having never once considered him in the part before, would Harrelson make a surprising yet excellent choice for Haymitch as well?)

The irresistible Stanley Tucci seems like he could play anyone really, from the most vile and pungent President Snow to the gleaming TV announcer Caesar Flickerman. Lenny Kravitz, where might you fit into all of this? Perhaps the man could be forgiven his lack of red hair and make an interesting Darius, the District 12 Peacekeeper with too much humanity for his own good? Or perhaps he’s the one in the running for Flickerman? And for the love of Suzanne Collins, whither our Cinna?

Let this lottery of casting news be over soon. The Hunger Games, with director Gary Ross at the helm, goes into production in late May.

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