By Kyle Anderson
Updated April 29, 2011 at 07:28 PM EDT
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A few weeks ago, premiered a new video from Low that starred John Stamos. In the wake of that video’s success, French indie rock duo Herman Dune have upped the ante on casting recognizable television stars in charmingly strange contexts (and also, in convertibles).

In the just-premiered clip for the back-from-hiatus’ band’s rootsy ramble “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know,” Mad Men star (and noted underdog comedy genius) Jon Hamm stars as a guy driving a convertible down a country road.

Watch below as Hamm picks up a hitchhiker in the form of a tiny blue monster puppet; his relationship with the little beastie is tentative at first, but eventually they grow to be best pals:

Though the clip strikes an entirely different tone than Low’s “Try to Sleep” did, it still proves that when you combine a good-looking TV star, a cool-looking car and a little bit of absurd whimsy, good things result.

Up next: Ryan Kwanten drag racing against Timothy Olyphant for a Fleet Foxes song. Come on, universe! Make it happen!

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