Before you answer this week’s box office poll, please remember: Nobody is judging you. PopWatch is your friend, and friends don’t do that. We don’t care if you secretly bought your own corsage in anticipation of Disney’s Prom. Or if you’re renting a souped up muscle car to drive yourself to the mall to see Fast Five. Or if you are one of the six people in North America who has actually read a Dylan Dog comic and can’t wait for the big-screen version. You might even be dropping breadcrumbs right now on your way to see Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, in which case you should stop doing that because there’s probably a trail of rats following you. It’s all ok. You were born this way; you’re a firework; you R who U R. All we ask is that you embrace your own inner movie geek, of whatever stripe, and then let us know your pick in the poll below!