A movie called Fast Five is going to make a lot of money this weekend. We don’t know exactly how much, although EW’s Keith Staskiewicz has stared into the box office crystal ball and proclaimed that the number will be $70 million. That might actually be a low-ball prediction — according to a press release from Fandango, Fast Five is the top advance ticket-seller of 2011 so far, taking up 74 percent of the ticket website’s daily sales. Admittedly, the year so far has been mostly split between superheroes no one likes, cartoon animals no one likes, that one movie where every hot chick on earth fell in love with Adam Sandler, and something called I Am Number Four. But that’s even more a testament to the surprising appeal of the Fast & Furious franchise — it’s on track to be the first major hit of the year. Expect a monstrous box office take for the fifth film, followed almost certainly by an announcement of the release date of Fast Six. Hey, laugh all you want, but at least the cars in Fast Five don’t talk or transform into giant space robots.

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