Brandon Routh | PRIVATE EYE Brandon Routh in Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Credit: David James

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Never mind that Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is loosely based on an Italian comic series from the 1980s; this low-rent adaptation owes an embarrassingly big blood debt to HBO’s True Blood. There’s the same Louisiana setting, the same bloodsuckers vs. werewolves clan wars, and even a fanged gang (led by an appropriately vampy Taye Diggs) who actually call themselves True Bloods and sell their vital fluid to humans as a drug. The main difference here — aside from inferior makeup and stunts — is a détente between the monsters and Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh), a sarcastic, Holmesian gumshoe who specializes in supernatural cases where death is generally just a starting point. When a murder breaks the peace, Dylan snarks and shoots his way toward a solution without breaking a sweat — or cracking a decent joke. Look for this one to make a swift retreat to the DVD afterlife. C-

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
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