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Lords and ladies of the Royal Spoiler court, your TV scooper has taken a break from her shameless obsession with the Royal Wedding to bring you a spot of TV scoop fit for Royals and commoners alike.

Quick programming note to all the lovely readers who contacted me thinking I was dead/injured/buried alive on Tuesday when you were hoping for a Spoiler Room: We are on summer schedule, meaning you’ll get the column once a week until fall season. But perhaps I’ll pop in on some Tuesdays with special treats (“perhaps” = “of course!”). And as always, keep a close eye on ITV for daily scoopage.

On to the fun! As always, you great people can send your questions to and @EWSandraG on Twitter. See you next week!


With some key cast members of Criminal Minds still without contracts for next season (i.e., Shemar Moore and the beloved Thomas Gibson), exec producer Erica Messer has penned a cliffhanger for the May 18 finale that will nod to the team’s shaky future — but not with guns and explosions. It will tackle the financial realities of crime fighting — and possible cutbacks in BAU. “It’s a more authentic version of ‘Our team is in jeopardy,’ ” she says. “This instead is, ‘There could be big trouble here, hopefully not,’ but we need to at least acknowledge that it’s on the horizon.”

One thing that’s not uncertain? The team is going to face an extremely unsettling case about a domestic trafficking ring in the finale. “There’s a quote that sort of kicks off the episode, and it’s by a British novelist named Thomas Hardy, and it’s ‘And yet for every bad there’s a worst.’ That quote sort of sums up the episode and the kind of bad guys we deal with all the time,” says Messer. “[The victims] are sort of taken for a multi-purpose thing — when their time is done in this [trafficking] ring, they’re sort of killed in a spectator sport kind of way, which is really disturbing”


First, I was completely blown away by the great response and the volume of questions y’all sent in for Andrew Marlowe. So I figured I’d poke out three of the most spoiler-ific questions for today’s column for a super-sized Castle item. Rest assured, you’ll be getting several more answered as we head toward the finale! Until then, enjoy, kittens.

Any further scoop on the upcoming L.A. episode would be fun…. shared hotel suite…. sportscars… palm trees… bikinis that episode is already looking like it’s going to be a fan favorite! — Cheryl

I’d be willing to say it’ll be a fan-fave — especially if you enjoy rogue Beckett! “She’s not a cop in L.A. She’s not working under any authority, so she has to go a little rogue, which I think both delights Castle, but also makes him a little bit nervous,” says Marlowe. “In New York, she’s always there as a safety net to make sure things go as planned. But in L.A., they’re flying blind.” But Marlowe is humbled when I tell him fans are building this one up. “Well, we hope we don’t disappoint. I don’t want to build it up too much,” he says, laughing. So modest!

I hope this is an appropriate question as I have never posted one before: I am wondering if Marlowe and/or fellow writers see all the storyline theories for the L.A. episode or season finale posted on sites like the ABC message boards? I read them and have to chuckle, wondering if the powers that be read them and laugh at how off base they are or be amazed at how correct they are. Thanks. — Rayna

There’s absolutely no right or wrong question to ask, Rayna! Fear not. But you should fear that information you’re writing online is getting back to Marlowe. He’s a busy guy, so he doesn’t always have time to read it himself. But trust me when I say, he hears it. And you know what? Some of the theories you’ve pondered about the finale are correct! “Certainly there are people out there who are flirting with various elements of what we’re doing who have gotten some things right,” he says.

Please give us some theories on the possible game changer for Castle and Beckett!!! Is someone he knows involved in Beckett’s mom’s murder? Beckett pregnant by Josh? I need something significant from the finale to get me through the summer! PLEASE!!!!! — Jade

Pregnant? I think not. And my game changer theory? Per Marlowe, “There’s a moment where the two of them talk about their feelings for each other and really get to express where they think they’re at in the relationship,” Marlowe says, making my heart flutter. “I think fans will be really interested to see how that information comes out.”


Last week I teased the first hour of Supernatural’s two-hour finale (airing May 20), and now, I come with intel on the show’s second hour, which EP Sera Gamble says opens with “a bang,” as the wall in Sam’s mind that protects him from his darkest memories falls down. (An event Jared Padalecki himself spilled on here.) “You see Sam in a state he’s never been in before pretty much at the top of the episode,” she says. “Structurally, he does a couple of pretty interesting things in that episode.”

Um, I’m worried. Nay, pleasantly terrified. “I will say that hopefully it’s entertaining. It’s like when you start to think about what that could be in your imagination — something completely spun out in all directions — except hopefully we give you something you were thinking and some unexpected twists,” she says. “We like to throw stuff at the boys that they weren’t prepared for as much as possible.” I only hope we’re prepared for the trauma. Probably not. But that’s the fun of it.


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I am so glad you asked. And I also hope you’re a Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) fan for two reasons. (1) The May 3 episode is going to be awesome because not only does it delve deep into Deek’s twisty backstory, but it also finds Deeks undercover in a way we’ve never seen before. “[Kensi] has never seen him be intimate with a woman before — not in real life and not undercover. She’s confronted for the first time with seeing him in a big, big kiss with his past lover, and it’s interesting how she’s able to react to that. She has to keep her cool,” says Ruah. But for Olsen, the best part of the episode was seeing Deeks go to a “darker place” than we’ve seen before, and subsequently “how Kensi navigates his fall.” BONUS SCOOP: Come back to ITV May 3 for more from my hilarious dual chat with this pair. I’ll say this much: There’s clucking involved.

Cougar Town scooooooooooop! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! Thank you :) — Jennifer

Ooooooooooooooooooooook. You know that baby drama talk Josh Hopkins alluded to in his interview with Mandi Bierly? Well, I hear Jules actually might be open to the idea! Personally, I’d be for it. Travis is great and all, but someone (on the playground) once told me second is the best.

Can we please get scoop on Robin from HIMYM? Please? — Diane

There’s a HUGELY important scene with her and another person in the finale that will set the course for the entire next season. The setting of this scene may not be what you’re thinking it is.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Any scoop on H50‘s season finale? Maybe a hint or two about who’s being killed off… pretty please! — Lynn, Maryland

Well, if exec producer Peter Lenkov and co-executive producer Paul Zbyszewski are to believed (and they are) you’re all wrong so far in your guesses. “There are lot of theories but I think they’re going to be shocked because no one has hit it yet,” Lenkov says of the “bold” and “shocking” departure. “We didn’t really show the cast or anybody what we had planned. When they started getting those pages, I think they were completely shocked by what we were doing. Happy — but shocked.” [P.S. – Be sure to check out EW’s exclusive First Look at the Hawaii Five-0 in the issue out today!] [PPS – the photo in the magazine is of McGarrett, so I put Danno here. I’m an equal opportunity ogler. :)]

Any scoop you can get on MerDer would be greatly appreciated — scoop on their wedding? Thanks. — Debra

Wouldn’t call it a “wedding” so much as “making it official.” This IS Mer-Der we’re talking about here. Everything will be 100 percent them.

Hope you are okay Sandra. Do not know how much longer I can go J! Anyways if you could I really need a FIX and need it ASAP! The Glades — do you know when it going to come back on? All the website says is “coming soon.” I think it is one of the BEST newer shows. Please tell me the slime ball getting out of jail IS NOT going to stop the divorce! Jimcal are great together. Have not seen that much chemistry between 2 actors in a long time. Hope you are okay and hope to read some of your GREAT Scoop! Have a beautiful day!!! — Dana S from Texas

Once again, many thanks for the concern. I am happy to be among the living. The Glades returns June 5 for its 13-episode second season, that, as you mentioned, finds Callie’s husband, Ray, out of the slammer. And while I totally agree that “Jimcal” (<< that's a new one to me!) are a great pair, Ray's presence will definitely complicate things — especially in the episode where Callie finds herself stuck in a safehouse with Ray and her son, Jeff. It's almost like they're… a family again. Rest assured the Jimcal story is far from done, though.

So I’m Indian and judging by these 90210 pics and Naomi being in Indian gear that is usually worn for weddings, I am assuming this might be for an Ivy & Raj wedding? Am I right or wrong… please let me know thanks :-) — Reena

You’re right. Although Trevor Donovan certainly wasn’t spilling any wedding secrets when we chatted with him yesterday. He did spill on Teddy’s new romance with Marco, which seems to be going well for now. But that’s going to change very soon. “Marco ends up doing a few things — getting caught in a few lies — that cause Teddy not to trust him so much,” Donovan says.

I would really love to know a bit more about what will certainly be the awesomest battle with the awesomest of heroes on TV history. And by that, I mean of course my man Sawyer guest starring in Community’s paintball war finale.— MJ

I had more of an answer for you… but my brain hasn’t been operating properly since watching this clip.

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Any Housewives scoop? Honestly, it’s total trash this season. Trash that for some freaking reason I can’t stop watching. Sandra, help me. — Emilee

I understand. There, there. But you know what? It IS addicting. And the May 8 episode is especially juicy, according to guest star Beth Littleford, currently seen Monday nights on The Hard Times of RJ Berger, who plays the unfriendly head of the Parent Council at Susan’s old school. “She comes into a meeting and I basically … do the Jedi mind control on all the women in the parent council, sort of saying, ‘Put your purse on the seat next do you, don’t let her sit there,’ ‘Put your purse on the seat next do you, don’t let her sit there,'” she says. “So I just continue to be super bitchy and put her through the ringer.” But the embarrassment at the meeting pales in comparison to what happens at Parents’ Night.

@EWSandraG, any adorable moments during your interview with Shane West that you can share with the fans? ;) — @SabbyNoCanDo via Twitter

Did you hear the one about when Shane West called me “hon” at the end of our interview? ((Dies)) Sorry, nerd moment over. Want some scoop to go with that swoon? How about some news about Shane’s on-screen love, Nikita? “They’re going to start having serious conversations about their relationship. You’re going to see what some people would call… ‘the dreaded relationship talk.’ ‘How are we going to work together now that we’re together and sleeping together?’ and things like that.'” he says. “So there is going be good steamy scenes for the fans who love that, and there is going be real confrontation as well. It can’t be so simple cause we’re only in season 1, and we can’t make everything so perfect, you know?” And something tells me that even last night’s deep conversation about their future isn’t the end of the serious chats between these two.

Please! I’m dying for some Smallville scoop!! Waiting for Fridays is becoming more and more painful because I want them to come and I also don’t want it to end! Help a confused citizen, please! — Dave

Well, if it’s scoop you’re wanting, you should come back later for my chat with Justin Hartley about his directorial debut. But until then, I’ll tease you with this bit from our quick discussion about Oliver’s future with Chloe: “We send him in a direction with Chloe that makes sense. it kinda ties up that story but also keeps him in line with what’s been told in the comics.” But, he warns, it’s by no means an episode centered on anyone but Clark. “They did a great job of telling everyone’s story without taking away from the main character.”

You were completely right about Nurse Jackie last week. Coop was hilarious! But what’s this about a love interest? — Nancy

Indeed. Coops getting a girlfriend. Only don’t expect him to slow-walk it. “It’s the season where he’s trying to grow up,” says Peter Facinelli. “His version of growing up is starting a family of his own — he just does it in the wrong way. He decides, ‘I’m going to have my own family… tomorrow!’ So he has no sense of reason or being rational. He has a game plan and goes for it. For him, it’s a journey about trying to grow up but in all the wrong ways.”

Thanks for the Parks and Rec scoop! I have grown to love, love the show. But I worry about your latest Leslie/Ben scoop. I already love their friendship/relationship and don’t want them to become a couple right away… we all know what happens then… boring. Look what happen to Jim and Pam on The Office… no one cares about them and their baby. Please tell me Parks and Rec won’t go down the same road with Leslie and Ben!! – Jen

Looking forward, lots of mixed signals — that cat/mouse game they’re so good at playing. In an upcoming episode, Ben even does his part to help Leslie and Ann repair a tiff. I say we sit back and enjoy the ride and hope it’s a somewhat lengthy one — especially since my previous fave couple (April and Andy) already hit the fast track in a major way.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Hi. Can I get some scoop on my favorite ‘ship, Will and Alicia from The Good Wife? Thanks. — Sietske

I’d love to give you some ‘shippy scoop, but truth be told, Alicia’s a little busy next week, you know, watching her life come apart! But while most of her scenes with Will in the super stellar May 3 episode are case-related, his name certainly comes up in another conversation… between her and Peter. And it’s not a happy chat.

Private Practice scoop, please! — Katie

We caught up with Kate Walsh as she was walking the red carpet during the Tribeca Film Festival for her heart-wrenching film Angel’s Crest. And while she was coy with the details, she told us, “These last four episode are insane — lots of insane drama, twists and turns… You should stay until the very last second or else you’ll miss a very, very important thing that happens.” Of course, Kate! That’s why we always set the DVR 2 minutes over — just in case.

Any Modern Family scoop? I feel like I barely see any. — Lisa

Well then let you feel that way no more. The show could be casting a new character next year: a new family member. Could be old. Could be new. Could be more to this story. You’ll have to butter me up a little to find out.

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