Arnold Schwarzenegger

Four weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly spoke with Arnold Schwarzenegger in an exclusive cover story about his return to the world of showbiz after his two terms as governor of California. In the midst of that conversation, we asked him what his next project was likely to be — other than The Governator, the animated series he is making with famed comic book guru Stan Lee. His answer: Cry Macho, a project that cropped up again today in another report touting the film as his next project, with Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) reportedly attached to direct. Here’s what Schwarzenegger had to say about Cry Macho in EW’s April 8 cover story:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Has there been anything you’ve read recently, any script, that you’ve really liked? Aside from The Governator, what’s the next thing we’re likely to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in?

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: You will be amazed, but I am going to answer your question. Cry Macho. It’s a little movie that got my attention because it is so opposite of what you’d expect someone like me to do. It’s about a guy who is a horse trainer. He’s a little bit over-the-hill. The last two years didn’t go so well. But then the owner of the horses gives him a challenge. He sends him to Mexico to get his son. The owner’s wife cheated him out of a business and took their son, and the owner wants to pay her back, so he sends the trainer to get his kid. And it becomes a movie about the relationship between the boy, who never had a parent that cared about him, and this horse trainer. I don’t know if that will be my next movie, but it could be. It’s a really wonderful story. (Reporting by Benjamin Svetkey)

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