Harper Lee
Credit: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Reclusive To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee denies involvement with the upcoming memoir The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee by former Chicago Tribune reporter Marja Mills. Penguin announced on Tuesday that Mills had written the book “with direct access to Harper Lee and [her sister] Alice Lee and their friends and family.” Despite Harper Lee’s official statement denying cooperation, Mills’ literary agent says that her client “has the written support of Alice Lee and a lifelong family friend, and prior to Harper Lee’s stroke in 2007, she had the verbal support of Harper Lee.”

How did the price for an out-of-print book about flies (The Making of a Fly) scale to almost $24 million on Amazon? It turns out Amazon vendors use a pricing algorithm to ensure automatically that they’re profiting more than their main competitors. A funny story, but maybe indicative of the retailers’ responsibility in regulating prices.

Argentina is considering paying writers a pension since many authors who contribute “social richness” to society end up impoverished in — or long before — retirement.

We mentioned this “pop-up bookstore” of sorts earlier, but take a closer look at Andrew Kessler’s store dedicated to selling one book: his own. It sounds like shameless self-promotion, but I think it’s a smart and very resourceful way of an author taking ownership of his work. It’s not that easy to sell a book these days!

Love writing lying down? You have some good bedfellows!

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