We’ve already previewed today’s chat between superstar Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres, but now we’ve seen the entertaining chit chat between the two ladies.

Looking kinda like a futuristic Norma Desmond, Gaga talked about her exhaustive Monster Ball tour (she claims she’s done a whopping 210 performances) as well as her motto for living (“I live halfway between fantasy and reality all times and that is who I am and what inspires me”).

Most amusingly, Gaga scolded DeGeneres, who opened the show by riding in on a giant shoe/roller skate, for trying to top Gaga’s theatricality. Joked Gaga, “I’m very upset about your entrance. I feel like you’re trying to outdo me. I’ve never done the shoe.”

Then, the flamboyant singer took to the stage for her first live performance of new single, “Judas.” Watch below: