Remember a few weeks ago, when wide-eyed indie duo Karmin covered Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now”?

Bostonians Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan are back for an encore, this time taking a bite out of Lil Wayne’s comeback single “6 Foot 7 Foot.” It’s not quite as technically impressive as Heidemann’s lightning-fast delivery of the Busta Rhymes verse on “Look at Me Now,” but it’s still an impressive approximation of Weezy’s raspy, free-association delivery (and Noonan’s re-creation of the beat is also pretty mind-bending). Watch it after the jump.

So now that Karmin have delivered two viral-ready videos, where do they take it now? A look at the pair’s YouTube page reveals that they have actually made a slew of these, including sideways takes on Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor” and Jessie J’s “Price Tag.” But clearly they can’t make an entire career out of doing unplugged versions of other people’s songs, as that is not only expensive but also not the sort of thing that people pay for.

In Karmin’s case, they have a few options, though they should probably capitalize on these sooner rather than later. They could go the Pomplamoose route and figure out a way to sell themselves to advertisers (there’s no reason why their skills can’t be applied to beer or insurance).

They could also take a more musical-comedy angle to their work; while none of their videos are inherently funny per se, there is a certain amount of humor embedded in the expectation of what they’re going to sound like.

But Noonan is too talented a musician to waste on a gag, which is why Karmin should look into actually becoming hip-hop producers. A game MC could reach out to them (we nominate Fabolous or Big Boi) and give them a chance. It’s clear they understand the pulse and musicality of hip-hop, so why not attempt it themselves? With a little help from an established star, they could pick up some instant credibility and turn this YouTube lark into a real future in the rap world.

Do you agree, readers? Let us know how you see their future playing out in the comments below.

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