Happy Endings
Credit: Bruce Birmelin/ABC

During last night’s episode of Happy Endings, was anyone else hoping that in addition to Damon Wayans Sr.’s guest stint as Damon Wayans Jr.’s dad (yes, it was quite a stretch) that the entire gaggle of Wayanses would show up? Not only would it have been overwhelming (at last count there are roughly 312 of them), but family cameos pretty much always make for good TV.

While Papa Wayans’ appearance on the freshman ABC sitcom as a rough-around-the-edges dad likely won’t go down in the pantheon of great patriarch guest spots (though he did look awesome in that track suit) it did serve as a reminder that these casting stints are actually something get on board with. Case in point: Justine Bateman as Michael’s (brother Jason Bateman) fake estranged sister/actual hooker on Arrested Development and the genius move to make Zooey Deschanel play a relative of Bones (sister Emily Deschanel) on — you guessed it — Bones.

But who else on TV should keep it all in the family? I would tune in to see James Caan stop by son Scott Caan’s Hawaii Five-O. And not just because the man is a living legend, but because there would be so.much.handsomeness. If Chad Lowe can get away from all the youthful hooligans over at Pretty Little Liars, he should definitely play Chris’ (Rob Lowe) equally chipper brother on Parks and Recreation. And while we’re on the subject of brothers, how about Mark Wahlberg visit brother Donnie Wahlberg on his cop drama Blue Bloods?

Another option: While he doesn’t star on the series, Fred Savage has directed scads of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what other Philly native, Boy Meets World‘s Cory Matthews (baby brother Ben Savage) is up to these days? (Though, if he was hanging out with the gang at Paddy’s Pub, the answer is probably no good.)

Still, the ultimate family television appearance would have to be from Tom Hanks. Sure, we won’t be able to see him on Colin Hanks’ canceled show The Good Guys, but wouldn’t the unbearably distant return of Mad Men be that much sweeter if Papa Hanks played Father John Gill’s padre? 1) It gives them a reason to bring that character, and 2) You guys, how amazing would it be to see Tom Hanks on Mad Men?!

Which stars would you like to see join their famous family members on the small screen, PopWatchers?