With just six contestants left on American Idol, the contestant’s ability to deliver sock-it-to-ya performances each week is becoming increasingly vital to their chances of sticking around. Of the six, two have been in the bottom three a total of six times (Haley and Jacob); one hasn’t been in the bottom three since the week he was saved by the judges (Casey); and three have never once known the particular shame of sitting on the silver stools of doom (Scotty, James, and Lauren). Could last night’s performances from the Carole King songbook shake up the competition and send someone from that latter trio into danger? Could Randy deliver a single critique last night without coming off like a inane twerp?

Which is to say, the smart money is still definitely on Jacob, Haley, and Casey hitting the bottom three (although at this stage, the producers occasionally only go with a bottom two). But who do you think will be in the bottom, and will be sent home? Vote in the polls below, and then defend your choice in the comments!

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