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Larry David is talking with his old friends the Farrelly brothers about playing a role in their upcoming Three Stooges movie.

He's got the right first name, and could certainly rock the hair-do, but he's not in contention to play Larry the Stooge. (Anyway, that role has already been granted to Will & Grace's Sean Hayes.)

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star confirmed through a representative today that he is in the early stages of working out a role in the comedy, which follows the three dimwitted brothers as they eye-poke their way through various misadventures.

Everybody's favorite Machiavellian cheerleading coach, Glee's Jane Lynch, has also signed on for a role in the movie, according to Fox. She will play Mother Superior, the nun who takes care of the troubled trio after they are unceremoniously dropped off at her orphanage as babies — already slapfighting with each other.

No word yet on who exactly David would play, but — it goes without saying — it wouldn't be one of the knuckleheaded brothers.

Curly has already been cast, with $#*! My Dad Says star Will Sasso taking the part. Hayes is Larry, and Moe is the only one not yet taken, though Chris Diamantopoulos (24, The Starter Wife) is one of several candidates being considered.

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