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It’s official. Gary Busey, recently seen as the cock-eyed Pepperoni Profit on Celebrity Apprentice, has joined the cast of Piranha 3DD.

It’s safe to assume Busey won’t be representing the “DD” portion of the film (we hope?) but the details of his character are yet unknown. The pic, helmed by The Weinstein Company, is set to bow November 23.

Though Tara Reid has denied her reported involvement with the film, the veteran actor still joins an edible young cast announced earlier this week. Attached to the project are Danielle Panabaker (Friday the 13th) and Matt Bush (Adventureland), as well as David Koechner (Hot Tub Time Machine).

So is Busey a perfect fit for the campy gore fest? (Bear in mind, this isn’t his first time at the wheel of a D-list thriller; he’s starred in such classics as 2007’s Succubus: Hell Bent and 2005’s The Gingerdead Man.) Can director John Gulager wrangle the crazy and turn it coherent? Do we really want a scripted Busey, or does his genius appeal lie in the impromptu? In any case, have fun Gary, and don’t forget to slather on that Australian Gold!

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