The Voice - Season 14

Back in 2003, Frenchie Davis knocked our socks off during American Idol‘s auditions and Hollywood Week — before she was knocked off the show for topless photos taken when she was a teenager. Shortly thereafter, she starred on Broadway in Rent, but then she took a spot on national tours in 2004 with Dreamgirls and in 2008 with Ain’t Misbehavin‘. (The latter did, however, score her a Grammy nomination.) Then in 2009, Frenchie was featured on Tony Moran’s charting dance single, “You Are” — but failed to release any additional singles. And now, as we saw last night, she’s fighting to become the winner of The Voice, after advancing to the next round thanks to her performance of “I Kissed A Girl.” Of course, while some debate whether or not she has an unfair advantage — indeed, she does have a bevy of built-in Idol fans on her side — it’s easy to also wonder: Does the Grammy-nominated singer deserve a second chance? Is she simply chasing an unobtainable dream, or is she an inspiration to all of us who strive to never give up?

I’d like to think the latter, if only because I’ve been waiting for eight years for the woman who delivered a solid “Band of Gold” during Idol‘s Hollywood Week to make it big. And even in our cynical day and age, aren’t talent reality shows supposed to be TV’s beacon of optimism? (Remember what one cat-loving British lady did for audiences?) Why not root for second third fourth chances? Still, I do understand some that would argue that Frenchie had her chance — perhaps someone else should enjoy life in the spotlight. After all, there are only 32 lucky hopefuls for the first stage of The Voice.

What say you, PopWatchers? Is Frenchie Davis an inspiration? Or has she had too many chances to succeed?

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The Voice - Season 14
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