By Aly Semigran
Updated April 27, 2011 at 06:30 PM EDT

Try to imagine, if you will, a world without Donald Trump. Not only would our nation’s comedians surely starve, but we’d never know how to angrily point on book covers or find fun, catchy ways to tell people they are no longer needed at their place of employment.

But, really, wouldn’t America suffer the worst of all? For weeks Trump has been crusading to have President Barack Obama prove his validity and release his birth certificate to the public. Lest we forget, this is coming from a guy who fought to let Carrie Prejean keep her Miss California crown, despite a nude photo controversy. (Though, to be fair, she was going to represent that state for an entire year.) Still, after weeks months years of scrutiny — and hardly just from Trump — President Obama announced in the White House briefing room on Wednesday morning he would offer up his birth certificate as a means to no longer “get sidetracked by side shows and carnival barkers” and get the nation to focus its attention on bigger issues at hand. (See video of the conference on the White House’s website.) Obama did not mention Trump’s name during his conference with the press, but, the Apprentice star seemed to hear things a little differently.

During his own press conference (see video below), Trump said that he was “very proud” of himself for “accomplishing what no one else was able to accomplish,” but added he would still need to inspect said birth certificate. (And he tells CNN’s John King in an interview airing Wednesday that he’s “done a great service to the American people.”) While Trump will, no doubt, continue to mark this down as a victory, we have a question for you, PopWatchers: Where does this rank amongst his other accomplishments? Vote in our poll below!

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