Bowing to pressure from “carnival barkers” who stubbornly refused to believe that he was born in the United States, President Obama released a long-form version of his birth certificate, proving again that he was born in Hawaii. While Donald Trump gloated about his role in “getting rid of this issue,” this story is far from over. Those people inclined to doubt Obama’s citizenship aren’t easily persuaded by a quote-unquote legal document. And as director Adam McKay points out in a Huffington Post column, Obama’s disclosure now puts Hawaii on the hot seat. “It’s time Hawaii answer doubters and produce documents proving that it is a state,” writes McKay, who recently launched a website dedicated to protest songs. “What are they hiding? And why haven’t we seen these documents?”

McKay goes on to quote a certainly-real 91-year-old Coast Guard vet from Houston who has his doubts: “As far as I’m concerned there’s only 32 real states. The rest were added by communists and the elite liberals. I’m not even 100 percent sure Hawaii exists. Sure we see photos and hear stories but if photos and stories were proof then Bigfoot would be real. Or India.”

What if Hawaii doesn’t really exist? Or what if its islands are like the one in Lost? Did Pearl Harbor even really happen? This is heavy. God bless you, Adam McKay, for doing the real reporting that the lame-stream media refuses to cover.

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