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50 Cent has made a career out of rapping about his street supremacy, why women should sleep with him, and how shorties should dance (provided, of course, that said shorties are celebrating birthdays).

But until now, 50 has never really been funny. He does, however, have an ever-expanding Web empire (we’ll call it a wempire; make it viral, kids!), which gets a new arm tomorrow (Thursday, April 28) when makes its debut.

The site will be hosted by comedian and ThisIs50 contributor Young Jack Thriller (whose biggest contribution to Internet comedy so far is a series of fake and often offensive interviews with stars like Rihanna and Michael Vick), and it’s unclear at the moment whether or not 50 himself will be involved in any joke-telling or sketch-acting. But beneath that gruff exterior is a comedian waiting to break free.

While his songs have nary a lighthearted moment in them, the man born Curtis Jackson has been funny before. He manages to put a few chuckles into his performance in the video for “Candy Shop” (watch the expression on his face when his shirt gets whipped off), and there’s a certain goofiness in his approach to “In Da Club” (whether he realizes it or not, his “I’m Batman” inversion in that clip is pretty chortle-inducing). There’s also his performance in the Val Kilmer movie Gun.

But if he really wants to show off how comedic he is (and make ThisIs50Comedy a success), 50 should really tap into whatever it is about Vitamin Water that makes him hilarious.

This clip is pretty amazing, if only for the last 20 seconds or so, but the one below really puts him over as a guy who can bring it:

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