The CW just announced early renewals of five shows for next season. Ready?

Gossip Girl, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and 90210 are all coming back, along with a first-ever all-star edition of America’s Next Top Model.

All will return next fall. None are huge surprises—Vampire Diaries is the network’s biggest hit, Gossip and 90210 are solid-ish and Friday’s Supernatural has helped keep the network strong on TV’s toughest night. Doing an all-star edition of veteran Top Model also makes sense as a way to potentially boost its numbers after 16 cycles. As for the shows that were not renewed…

The CW brass still has a few pilots to watch for potential fall season candidates, so final decisions are not yet made on the rest of the network’s shows. Still awaiting a CW verdict: Hellcats, Nikita and One Tree Hill—and One Tree has to be setting some sort of record at this point having been a bubble show every season for the past eight years.

Everything hinges on the quality of the new shows, but I’d predict that at least two of the three will likely return (and that One Tree is almost certainly one of them). The CW already has two holes on schedule — replacing Smallville and finding a partner for Top Model — and the network typically orders only two or three new shows each year. So it’s probably not going to let two more holes open up by cancelling more than one show.

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