Jay Leno was probably looking for some awkward fun when he kept his plans to have Paul Reiser on his show even after NBC axed Reiser’s new show last week after only two episodes. Encouraged to address the cancellation, Reiser told Leno that the dismal numbers were to blame, but, “NBC, to my knowledge, they don’t traditionally make bad decisions. I don’t know what your experience is.” Leno doubled over his desk in laughter as Reiser continued. “[NBC said] ‘It’s a great spot. You’re opposite American Idol.‘ … It turns out, [they] enjoy missing you more than having you.”

As “knuckleheaded” as Reiser thinks the decision to be, he said he doesn’t blame the network. “When you’re the last place network, you don’t want to jeopardize that. You found your niche, stay there.”

Fellow guest Christina Aguilera, whose show The Voice premieres tonight on, oh yeah, NBC, sat silently to Reiser’s right as he spewed the sarcasm until Leno turned attention to her, “Have fun on NBC, Christina.” “Yeah, now that you scared the living crap out of me,” she joked.

Then, perhaps not so jokingly, Reiser said: “No, no, no. The reason they didn’t promote our show, it all went to you.” She giggled uncomfortably. I cringed. (NBC is not commenting.)

Did you watch this, PopWatchers? Was it painful for you to watch, too?

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