Game Of Thrones
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The second episode of Game of Thrones delivered the same number of viewers as last week’s premiere. Sunday’s 9 p.m. airing was seen by 2.2 million viewers, matching last week. The 11 p.m. repeat drew another 732,000, also in line with premiere night. Meanwhile the first episode has since climbed to 6.8 million thanks to OnDemand and all of HBO’s extra airings.

So is this good news? Bad news? Mostly good…

HBO’s two biggest concerns about Thrones were that viewers either wouldn’t show up for the premiere because the series is (gasp!) fantasy, or they would take one look at the first episode and decide “this isn’t for me.” Neither of those things happened.

Would some growth have been nice? Yeah. But it was also Easter Sunday, so nobody expected the number to leap this week. Now as long as stabbing a certain furry character didn’t turn off too many people…

Oh, almost forgot: Thrones was followed by the Treme second season premiere, which drew 605,000 viewers. Wha-whaaa.

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