Credit: Image Credit: Adult Swim


Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a surreal, absurdist, relentlessly bizarre series about a milkshake, a box of french fries, and a ball of ground meat who live together in New Jersey and go on non-adventures. Because we live in an insane world, this show has been on for a decade, and has inspired both a movie and a bomb scare. Now, though, everything is changing. In a new video released by Adult Swim, a horrible Meatwad puppet explains, “The creative forces behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force are unhappy with the pilot of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the subsequent 99 episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” Thus, the show’s eighth season will feature a new setting — hello, Seattle! — and a new theme song by Josh Homme — farewell, Schoolly D! Also, the show has been retitled Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1.

So, in short, a show that used to have nothing to do with about teenagers, hunger, a force, or anything pertaining to “aqua” will now have nothing to do with units, patrols, squads, the number 1, or anything pertaining to “aqua.” News! Watch the announcement video below: