Gilbert Gottfried may have been silenced for his insensitive jokes about the tsunami that ravaged Japan, but the Aflac duck will quack once more.

After an extensive nationwide search, Aflac has found a replacement for their loud, insurance-shilling duck to startle you once again when your television gets inexplicably loud during commercial breaks. With over 12,000 submissions (we sincerely hope there was some sort of raise/incentive for whoever had to listen to all of those), Daniel McKeague, a 36-year-old radio sales manager from Hugo, Minn., bested them all.

In the YouTube clip posted below, you can watch as McKeague excitedly finds out he’s the voice of the, er, spokesduck (you’ve got to hand it to him, he’s a dead ringer for the old Aflac duck). The moment will also air during tonight’s series premiere of, fittingly, The Voice. Hope you didn’t get too cocky or comfortable with yourselves there, Nasonex bee and Geico gecko. Cuz Aflac’s back. (And we’re not talking about this one.)

Anyone kind of wish they had gone in a different direction with the new voice, rather than finding a Gottfried sound-a-like?

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