Netflix has put Comcast in quite a fix: The video subscription service has officially overtaken Comcast, boasting more subscribers than the Cable TV operator. In fact, according to the company’s earnings, Netflix welcomed 1.1 million subscribers per month in 2011’s first quarter, bringing its subscriber number to a grand total of 22.8 million in the U.S., and 23.6 million globally. That latter number bests Comcasts’ — the cable operator boasts 22.8 million subscribers. And Netflix shows no signs of slowing down: Some have put the company’s subscriber number at 30 million by the end of 2011.

Now, I could ask you, PopWatchers, the simple question: Do you have Netflix? But I want to also ask you: Has having Netflix replaced your desire to go to the movies? It’s not unthinkable to believe that Netflix could prove to be a more attractive option for those irritated by the movie-going experience: In your living room, you don’t have to dodge loud popcorn eaters and poorly behaved groups of teens in order to enjoy the latest release. Personally, I can’t imagine trading the feeling of waiting in line for a long-awaited film, or the anticipation of seeing trailers for upcoming releases ahead of each movie, but I do understand those who’d prefer not to risk anyone ruining an enjoyable night at the movies… by viewing films in their own homes.

PopWatchers, has Netflix replaced your desire to go to the movies?

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