Game of Thrones viewers are howling in protest over the shocking ending of the show’s second episode.

“My girlfriend swears she is done watching [Thrones] after what happened to___,” wrote one viewer on EW’s recap. “[They can] sleep with as many people as they want, but don’t kill ____. Or I’m done!” threatened another. “People on my Facebook wall are posting that they won’t watch anymore after what they did to___” wrote a third.

And the dead character was (spoiler below) …

A cute furry direwolf. Who spent the episode just sort of standing there. But still, it was really adorable looking, and didn’t do anything to deserve being dead, and what’s more, it was stabbed by the show’s main character, the good guy, Eddard Stark, who was forced to execute Lady to appease a tense situation which could have gone much worse for his daughters. (The actress who plays Sansa, Sophie Turner, adopted the dog who played Lady after the show wrapped).

Meanwhile those who’ve read the books are practically biting off their tongues to respond to the viewer outrage since Thrones, well, let’s just say this isn’t the most gentle story…

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