The days of scoffing at Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions are over. Everybody is saying he should run for president! Everybody! And he’s not just appealing to the quote-unquote lunatic fringe of birthers who insist the president wasn’t born in this country. No, he’s attracting support from across the reality-television political spectrum. Gary Busey, who was kicked off Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice last week, is already on-board the T.R.U.M.P. train: Taking Redirection Understanding Massive Power. Last night, Busey’s Apprentice nemesis, Meat Loaf, chimed in and also volunteered to help with Trump’s campaign. Watch the grassroots movement grow!

Has “Entry of the Gladiators” even been adopted as a candidate’s theme song? Maybe Trump can put Busey and Loaf in charge of painting his campaign signs? Is there any Celebrity Apprentice whose political endorsement would mean something to you?