Amy Adams
Credit: Jonathan Hession

I don’t fly too much, but when I do, I can be miserable to be around. My seat is too cramped, we sat on the runway for an hour, I wasn’t allowed a second bag of peanuts. I’m a grouchy flyer. Yet, in all my harumphing, I’ve never once thought to myself, Jeez, why can’t they just show Leap Year up here in 3-D! Nevertheless, according to the Hollywood Reporter, MasterImage 3D is poised to install glasses-free 3-D screens on the planes of several airlines (and in cars too).

Is 3-D entertainment really what’s missing from air travel these days? Don’t the airlines already charge you extra these days if you dare insist on carrying-on your wallet? I’m sorry that I’m not more enthusiastic about the possibilities of 3-D up in the air, as I’m a fervent fan of the technology, when done right. I’m just not sure flying at 35,000 feet is a conducive environment, and to be honest, I’d trade the 3-D perk for some extra leg room.

Does 3-D in-flight entertainment get you excited to fly? Can 3-D Amy Adams (or more likely, Pandora) make you forget all the other things you hate about flying? Or does the idea just give you a headache?