British acting legend and The Departed star Ray Winstone has confirmed that he is involved in a “follow-up” to cult 1980 gangster film The Long Good Friday. The original movie starred Bob Hoskins as a London crime lord trying to seal a property deal as his empire crumbles around him.

“We’re not remaking the film,” Winstone told the U.K.’s BBC Radio 5. “You can’t remake that. Hoskins is so brilliant and the story’s so great. We’re actually like, taking it [to] today [and making it about] his family, maybe his son, who works in the City. We might be doing something about that. We’re having it written at the moment and we’ll see how we go with it.” It is unclear whether Winstone himself intends to appear in the project.

The actor also revealed he will start filming the long-in-the-works big screen adaptation of the ’70s British cop show The Sweeney this November.

You can check out the trailer for the original Long Good Friday below. If you like Bob Hoskins, gangster movies, and/or terrific, and terrifically foul-mouthed, dialogue then it’s a film you should definitely check out.

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