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If you missed last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries and intend to watch it, stop reading now. SPOILERS FOLLOW. If you’re good to go, I’ve got to know: Are you suddenly hoping Klaus succeeds with the sacrifice, becomes a werevamp (or vampolf? it’s more European?), and tries to start his own hybrid race in season 3? I am.

With a cast as large as this show’s, you could be hesitant to add another supernatural race to the mix, but here’s the thing: We have no idea how Klaus will respond to the transformation, how long it will take him to recover, or how he’ll have to go about creating minions. We could be talking about a slow, painful process, which — looking back on how long it took for us to meet Katherine, get to Tyler’s first full moon transformation, and see the real Klaus — would be right in line. Maybe Klaus succeeds in the sacrifice, but has to go back into seclusion while his body adjusts. We start season 3 not knowing when he’ll return, but preparing for it. Elena and Co. will have to find a way to kill a vampolf, so perhaps we meet more witches, or more members of the Original family, or descendants of Klaus’ murdered wolf father as they search for ideas. It’s a reason to keep Elijah and resourceful Uncle John around (assuming they survive the next three episodes, which we never thought we’d be hoping for when we first met them).

With the distance growing between the Salvatore brothers, it will take something huge for Stefan and Elena to forgive Damon for whatever he’s going to do to try to save Elena. The threat of a new species that could wipe out humans, wolves, and vamps could do it. We’ve seen a lot resemblances between Damon and both Elijah (who cared for Katherine and got burned) and Klaus (who considers love the vampire’s ultimate weakness). The question is, assuming Elijah is the decent brother, will Damon finally come around to his side or will he go off the deep end and fall in line with Klaus so he can choose not to care anymore? He’s white-knuckling his humanity as we saw last night, but it held. He didn’t kill Andie. They wouldn’t have him revert to season 1 Damon, only worse, would they?

Your turn. What’s the start of your season 3 look like?

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