By Tanner Stransky
Updated April 22, 2011 at 06:19 PM EDT
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Superb country duo Sugarland debuted the video for their burning-yearning single “Tonight,” and oddly enough, it feels like it’s being brought to us by a wind machine. Lacking much of a storyline, “Tonight” is more of what you might call a “glamour” music video that features vocalist Jennifer Nettles in three different set-ups that all — even when she’s in the bedroom, rolling around betwixt the sheets — include gale-force winds blowing her lusciously coiffed locks around. I suppose ample use of wind is nothing new in music videos (hello, Beyoncé, J. Lo, and basically every other diva out there), but it’s just what struck me as I watched. Also, those little starry things that burst out later in the vid, they’re sorta annoying. But I get the treacly effect they were going for with them. Lastly, Jennifer looks real pretty, which is always fun. Watch the video here:

What’d you think of the “Tonight” music video? Were you blown away by the extreme wind?

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