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Happy Friday, Roommates! Lots of scoop in TV land (the best land of them all) this week, so I won’t keep you long. Just a reminder to send your scoop requests/musings/Fringe theories/flattery to You can also find me on Twitter @EWSandraG. See you again same time Tuesday!


The marriage of April and Andy was as much a payoff as it was a surprise for longtime fans of the couple. But what about Parks’ other too-cute-for-words pair? Leslie and Ben have been all about the slow burn this season, and in the next few episodes, the trend continues as they bond over their mutual appreciation for tacky art, public forums, and sexual tension. But the real treats? First, there’s the sweet confession that Ben makes to someone in the office about his feelings for Leslie. And then, there’s the moment when the two almost find out what might happen between them after Leslie has two and a half glasses of red wine. (Notice how I said almost?) Nonetheless, I would expect some major movement with this couple, culminating with a momentous event in May 12’s “Road Trip.” It’s literally the best thing ever.


Hear the one about the old man who turned into mullet-rocking, stone-wash-jeans-wearing bowler? Well, you’re about to.

The Bones season finale, as you might have heard (or read in the TV season finale preview in EW’s latest issue), takes place in a bowling alley where Booth and Brennan go undercover in the bowling world to solve a murder. At press time, the plan was to make Booth (David Boreanaz) into a 75-year-old bowler. That was until the team came to a sad realization just days before filming.

“We could not shoot the episode if he had the four hours in the makeup chair,” executive producer Stephen Nathan says of the team’s tight schedule, which juggled a young guest star who could legally only work 6 hours a day, pregnant star Emily Deschanel’s slightly curtailed schedule, and a tight filming window at the bowling alley. In the end, they had to cut the old man transformation from the plot, even after Boreanaz spent two hours getting a cast of his head.

Instead, the creative team opted for the aforementioned mullet and dated clothing, but Nathan assures: “He will be old next year at some point. We will definitely see David at 75, and we wont have to wait until he’s 75.”


It’s Supernatural Friday, fans! And while I teased tonight’s episode in Tuesday’s column, today I come to you with news from the show’s two-hour finale, a double-dose episode that comes in two distinct parts.

“We heard pretty early that we should be prepared for them to air on the same night,” executive producer Sera Gamble says. “We had so many threads to tie up this season, we didn’t end up telling one story that stretches over two episodes. Instead, they work as companion pieces and separate episodes.” And while Gamble says both episodes are brother-centric and “very much about Sam and Dean coming together,” the first part deals primarily with Dean’s storyline this season, which found him struggling with his identity.

“He started this season completely out of the hunting life, and he has a lot of fears about the worst version of himself in that situation — who he could turn into and the bad he could do to other people,” she teases. “There’s a reason he has so few people in his life, and it’s because he has a lot of fears about what he could bring into their lives – what he could do to them. He has to face that in this episode.” Of course, on this show facing your fears tends to mean one thing. “We look at those issues through a Supernatural lens, which is fun because then they get really bloody,” she says with a laugh.

Want more on Supernatural? Pick up next week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly.


Castle!!!!! — Sharon

Think you’ve heard all there is to hear about the finale? Think again. Whilst grilling executive producer Andrew Marlowe about the episode via email, the king of teases had this to say: “Part of the drama of how we’re ending the season hopefully will be all the speculation of how it will affect all our characters next season, especially Beckett and Castle now that, after the finale, so many more of their emotional cards will be on the table.” Considering the show’s track record for making the stone in my chest ache, this might be completely amazing. [BULLETIN: I’m speaking to Marlowe on the telephone next week. Send Castle questions to!]

Got any scoop about Danny being hospitalized on Hawaii 5-0? I know he’s exposed to a deadly chemical, but just how bad is this chemical to going to affect him? Is he going to be hovering near death, or just hospitalized and still able to help with the investigation? I’m dying to know anything you can share about this. Thanks! – Bailey

Poor dear is definitely down for the count after he is exposed to a biological agent in the penultimate episode. But here’s the good news straight from exec producer Peter Lenkov: “I wouldn’t say it sidelines him for too long, but it does sideline him.” More good news: He’s ready for action again by the time the finale rolls around. And speaking of the finale…keep checking back for scoop on that.

The Fall of Sam Axe was a lot of fun. Are there plans for any of the characters from the prequel film to appear in the upcoming season of Burn Notice? – Bruce

Sigh. Bruce, you need to read your scoops more carefully. Matt Nix confirmed to me last week that some characters from the movie would be crossing over into next season. What I didn’t mention? The possible power struggle between new character Max (Grant Show) and Michael’s teams. “In a lot of ways, [Max] is an intelligence operative who’s good and a good match for Michael,” Nix explains. “One of the questions this season is about the fact that Michael already has partners. What does it mean to have Grant Show – his character’s name is Max – there? Who’s the boss? And who has a bigger hold on Michael?”

Please something on Dair. Last episode of Gossip Girl made it seem like they were over. Say it ain’t so! — Lori

Well, you saw in the preview there’s yet another smoochie, right? Yeah, it ain’t over. Not. One. Bit.

Can you please give us some information about Chuck and what looks to be a downward spiral he will be having in the upcoming episodes of Gossip Girl? Could it be because of a certain Queen B’s engagement to a Prince? #savechuckandblair – Melissa

The kickoff to this downward spiral you (correctly!) predict occurs at the end of the April 25 episode. But it’s not necessarily related to an engagement.

Now that we know JJ is back for the season finale of Criminal Minds (and the next two seasons, if the show is renewed), what can we expect her work relationship with Hotch to be since they are the only ones who know Emily is alive, and none of their co-workers can know that they know? Thanks! — Emily

They haven’t thought that far in advance, actually. JJ returns at the very end of this season. “When we were writing and shooting the finale, it was sort of pie-in-the sky she’d be back,” says EP Erica Messer. “We’re really using it to hook in and launch season 7 versus, in episode 18, she came back in an played a huge part in the episode. In this one, she’s the hopeful ending.”

I’d love some Nikita scoop! I’m loving that they hooked up Michael and Nikita and didn’t string fans along. But now I wonder if they’re going to stay that way! – Kate

By the sounds of it, things very well might stick for Mikita. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s all roses from here on out, says Shane West (Michael). “They’re still different people in the way they handle things and handle their day-to-day lives differently,” he says. “That’s one of the serious issues — and trust issues — [they face]. But their hearts are definitely unified.”

The Chicago Code is great. Any word on a second season and/or finale scoop? – Max

Agree on the show’s greatness. After the fall of EP Shawn Ryan’s Terriers, I thought the “gritty TV” slot in my schedule would have a major void (especially since Southland is now on break), but Chicago Code has certainly delivered. Too bad it’s listed in the “Danger Zone” on EW’s Renewal Scorecard. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, nibble on these scoops: 1) the finale is a cliffhanger. 2) R.I.P. [SPOILER]. “As you may have noticed, Shawn likes to kill characters. It gets hairy,” Matt Lauria (Caleb) teases.

Thank you for the love you gave to In Plain Sight in the last column. Too little love for that show. Anything to add this week? — Veronica

You’ll want to definitely tune in when Brad Whitford guests this season as an uber-paranoid father who finds himself in Witness Protection after his shady dealings result in a family tragedy. It’s really powerful stuff. But what the team is left wondering at one point is who’s a greater threat to the man: his nemesis or himself?

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

What the chuck, Sandra?! Where’s the Chuck scoop!? (…she asked lovingly. J) – Mayra

Well, if you’re anything like Chuck fans Mandi and Dawn who sent me a link to these great spoilerific photos from the location of the finale, you know there’s a wedding! (Thanks, ladies!) I cannot, however, guarantee that all goes well when it comes to the marriage. Also, fans, make sure you’ve read this story.

Please, I need some Big Bang scoop ASAP!! (Honestly, there’s no real rush, but I thought the sense of urgency might encourage you.) – Harvey

It did…last night. Which is why I posted this scoop about Sheldon’s roommate switcharoo in the finale episode.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Some One Tree Hill scoop, especially the finale. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, and it’s so sad this could be it. Scoopage would make me feel much better, by the way. – Julie

I get what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to make me feel sorry for you…and I do. “In different ways, shapes and forms, I think fans can expect to see the things they’ve always wanted over the next few episodes,” says star James Lafferty (Nathan). And if one of those things you’ve always wanted is the return of Paul Johansson, you’re in luck! “The fans can expect to see Dan Scott back a little bit, which I loved and was a huge fan of. Not only is Paul one of my favorite people, but his character is one of my favorites on the show,” Lafferty says. “I love it when my character gets to interact with his character because there’s so much history there. There’s a lot of tension, but at the same time there’s a lot of things that want to come out. Nathan is going to be pursuing some type of closure with his episode.”

Royal Pains is coming back. Scoop for fans? Like my mom and me and…well, I’m sure there are others.

In one episode next season, you’ll get to meet an old friend of Eddie’s (Henry Winkler) – who he knows from prison. The boys are shocked to learn the history behind their bond, which involved mutual heroic acts.

More Killing, please! Me thinks Sarah is never going to make it down the aisle. – Peggy

You’d probably be right. When I posed that exact queries to star Mireille Enos, she replied coyly, “I don’t think we can make any assumptions on this show about what’s going to happen one way or another.”

(Hillary Busis contributed to this column.)


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