Have you ever enjoyed a hallucinogen-fueled siesta in front of an HD screensaver at a day spa? Then you might know what watching the new Child of Eden trailer is like: an ethereal romp through space teeming with lasers and flying neon whales, the upcoming Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 game seems to combine elements of an aerial shooter with a psychedelic return-to-the-womb. And it’s expected to support Kinect and PlayStation Move, which would require physical motion on your part. Completely doable, as long as the trippy graphics and tranquilizing music don’t leave you wide-eyed and drooling, that is.

Initially teased at last year’s E3, the hypnotic, synesthesia-inspired title is also a rhythm game, and sequel to the 2001 cult mind-warper Rez. Both games require you to shoot colorful targets that yield various melodies. The elegant universe in the game is actually the Internet visualized, and it’s your job to vanquish a destructive virus. If the game is as entrancing and boundary-pushing as we think it might be, gamers looking to “expand their minds” will be purchasing this puppy faster than you can say “disco biscuit.” Zone out to the trailer below: