The newest model of Apple’s iconic iPhone will hit stores in September, according to a Reuters report that cites three unnamed sources “with direct knowledge of the company’s supply chain.” The report indicates that the new iPhone — colloquially known as the “iPhone 5,” although I’m holding out hope that they call it “iPhone: Ghost Protocol” — will look similar to the iPhone 4 (pictured). Meanwhile, PC World theorized that the new iPhone would sport the dual-core A5 processor used in the iPad 2, while the CFO of Verizon was quoted on an earnings call indicating that a “new device from Apple” would be “a global device,” which indicates that the Verizon iPhone 5s might work in more countries than the current models. (It’s still unclear if the new iPhone would use 4G, although you could argue that it’s still unclear exactly what 4G is.) Putting aside the tech jargon, what would you like to see in the new model iPhone? Apple fans, is there anything you’re missing from the current model? Droid/Blackberry fans, is there anything that would make you consider switching to Apple’s phone?