This weekend, many families will celebrating either Easter and Passover. (Or both, although “Eastover” doesn’t have quite the ring of Chrismukkah.) But after you find all the eggs and afikomans, after you learn about people rising from the grave and bread not rising in the oven, after you stuff yourself senseless with grandma’s cooking (something all religions seem to agree on), maybe you want to catch a movie? If so, picking between the weekend’s three big releases might seem tough — until you take our fail-proof, one-question quiz. Ready? Here goes: Which of the following are you NOT afraid of: A) Captive elephants, B) Wild lions, or C) Men dressed as slap-happy old women. If you picked A, then Water for Elephants, starring Reese Witherspoon and Rob Pattinson is probably the pic for you this weekend. Enjoy! If you picked B, then you might want to check out Disney’s new doc African Cats, which we are more excited about now that we know it isn’t about exporting the musical Cats to Africa. And if you picked C, then you should seek the counsel of a licensed therapist — and then check out Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family, starring Perry as his beloved, be-wigged alter ego. Easy choice, right? Now head to the poll and let us know what you’ll be seeing this weekend!

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