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Yesterday, we asked you to name your favorite superhero movie ever. Responses ranged far and wide, from box office bonanzas like Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight to beloved primordial oddities like Darkman and Unbreakable, to the big daddy that started it all: 1978’s Superman. Debates raged between various ranks of Batman fans: Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan? Live-action or Batman Beyond? One commenter argued that EW staff favorite Batman Returns isn’t even really a superhero movie at all, but just a weird movie about bizarre people that happens to occasionally feature a dude named Batman. (Hey, besides Hong Kong and the car chase, can’t you say the same about Dark Knight?) There was even a groundswell of support for Daredevil, which proves yet again that one generation’s travesty is another’s stealth masterpiece. We’ve tabulated the comments and come up with a definitive list of readers’ top 8 superhero films. It’s a diverse group — four DC movies, three Marvel movies, and one standalone wonder. Vote for your favorite in our poll after the jump…

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